A wedding delight at the Granary at Fawsley Rebecca & Ben

It's coming up too nearly two months since I shot the gorgeous Rebecca and Ben's wedding over at the Granary in Fawsley.

Luckily for myself and the couple we have met twice before, once at Ben's mothers wedding and then again at his sisters wedding. It's safe to say everyone was at ease that day which made photographing their wedding an absolute delight!

To say that the day went just as planned I'd be lying... like every wedding something is bound to go wrong, the best way to deal with them things you ask? Just enjoy yourself! It was gusstin'  Ties and hair alike flying everywhere! But luckily some expertly timed presses of my shutter button I managed to ignore the majority of that wind!

So I'd like to start by showing some details of the absolutely wonderfully decorated venue;

These little shot glasses held a Jägerbomb! and the little labels were designed by the talented groom Ben!

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Northampton, UK